We offer a range of programmes, clubs, sport specific sessions and curriculum lessons

An introduction to Fundamental Movement Skills, the Wildcubs programme helps to develop the essential skills that enable children to play any sport.  By learning specific motor patterns through fun games, children will be encouraged to grow in their physical literacy and stay engaged in sport.

The Multisports programme is an opportunity for children to learn about and take part in a wide range of sports.  It offers them a chance to experience new sports, learn new skills and helps to peak interest in new sports.  Children can also apply their Fundamental Movement Skills as they try out new sports.

Sprocket Rocket is a foundation Cycling Skills Programme focusing on delivery to youths aged 7 to 11 years old but can be delivered to anyone of any age. The Sprocket Rocket Programme was originally developed by BMX Australia and has been modified by Cycling Ireland. The Sprocket Rocket Programme is aimed at developing the basic skills required to ride a bike and requires riders to complete skill tests at three levels of difficulty for each basic skill.

Blending sport with homework, the Sport & Homework Clubs reward completion of homework with a chosen sport.  Children are encouraged to focus their attention on homework set which is then followed by a fun sport activity. The clubs can be set up using any specific sport to engage the children.

Utilising the energy of children before school we offer a club that delivers multi-skills and games to engage children even before the school day starts.

An introduction to athletics, Athletics ABC provides a foundation for children to better understand their bodies and develop good techniques.  The programme is based on teaching the ABC basics:  Agility, Balance and Co ordination.


We offer high quality sport specific programmes for the following sports:














In addition to providing a range of programmes we also offer highly experienced coaches able to deliver timetabled P.E. lessons.  A lesson plan can be provided that follows the curriculum for physical education.